Well, Ive noticed during my KO career is that I often get tired of a class far too often. I usually gear up a char, play it for like 2-3 months, then get the urge to change classes. Often when this happens, I in someway lose money trying to change gear quickly, so I often give in to selling for lower prices/buying for higher prices because waiting is so overrated. So I was seeing if anyone would consider a proposal...

What im looking for is someone who is willing to share chars in between the 2 of us. Whenever we feel the urge, we can switch chars just to change it up a bit, something new. That way its like having two well-geared chars for the price of one. Ive figured DCZ chars would be the best way to go, since no xp is needed, easiest to gear, and pk is basically the only reason I still like game. I havent exactly worked out details yet (havent actually logged in for a couple of months now) but will soon have gear (leaning towards mage/warrior).

Also no assassins, becuz I cant minor combo to save my life. Other than that, Ive played can can hold my own in every class.

As of now, if anyone is remotely interested, let me know. Seeing as I dont have any gear at all, server is up in the air as well, but Ive always played ares, so naturally I have chars already lvled there.