zzz everywhere are koxper with their fucking horncrossbows. i made this char yesterday i hit only lvl 36 cuz havent got anybody to exp with me. I am a female Rogue Humen.

My old chars are: Stronghyeana Warrior at Chyper lvl 67 sold with lvl 67
Strongboy Warrior at Manes lvl 61 sold with lvl 61
Cordonsport Rogue at Olympia lvl 63 sold with 63
Meatnball Rogue at Pathos lvl 62 bought with 60 and sold with 62

i am playing this game since 3 years. i can play every day like 5 - 7 hours. I am 16 years old.
i cant use vent cuz i havent a microphone -.-

i will be very happy if you write back thx bro