well yea iam letting an rl friend play my usko char because well i got bored of it..
So i thought why not start again on japko and here i am now tongue.gif

Have decent items. Current Stats.

Looking for a trustable sharer who doesnt mind to xp solo sometimes, usually hopgobs is a pt u can join but sometimes you just need to solo them which isnt a prob for a Rogue at all :3

There is no xp requirement you have to do but you should generally be active.

A side char will be for bossruns in dcz and a 60+ to go for big cz.

ps. If theres anyone who would like to make an own char, i can get you an account but dont bother to ask me if you just want to test japko or play for a few days..

e/sry for bumping the old topic h34r: