Clan Silent Knights

Started in August of 2003, The Silent Knights became one of the foremost and well known gaming Clans all over the internet. Its founding members created sK with the ideals of it becoming a friendly gaming atmosphere and social environment, and with the hard work of all its members The Silent Knights has flourished over the past 4 years and continues to grow and expand.

The Silent Knights are currently being run under a democratic system. All members are required to login to the website once every 3 days. You are also required to say active on the clan forums and especially in the Knight Online division forum where you will find alot of information about the clan such as the roster, clan meetings, FAQ, etc... Our clan does have a ventrilo and a teamspeak server, after we are more established we will decided as a clan which one we will use for good. We are an El Morad clan so I apologize to the Karus but we have not expanded to Karus yet.

Requirments To Join:

Level: No requirment, All are welcome
Teamspeak or Ventrilo: Not required BUT is very useful becuase the members and some meetings will be held on it.
Age: No requirment, however if you are extremely immature and bother the members you will be kicked out.
Language: In order to join you must fluently speak english.

Contacting Methods:

If you would like to contact me to join our great clan please use one of the following, I am also still looking for assistants for the clan so let me know if you are interested in that when you join.

AIM: xxmikyboixx
MSN: [email protected]
In-Game Name: k1Lo

You can also reply to this topic on the forum and we can get you setup.