Well i've decided that i'm tired of trying to meet clan requirements and work my ass off just to be respected in a clan. I don't have the time patience or motivation to do so.

So i've decided to create a clan for those people like me who don't want to work their arse off just to be in a clan. My clans sole purpose will be to have fun. If you join the clan, ur nice, and can have a good time then you will stay in the clan. I don't care about being #1 or having l33t items. just have a good time with the rest of the clan

And by fun i mean a bunch of lvl 40 noobs going into cz and trying to take on a lvl 80 just for the hell of it. Y not? People who don't have time to play this game more than 5 hours a day and want to still have a good time with a clan.

Call us noob, call us weak, whatever. I don't care what people think of us. All we will do is have a good time.

pm me in game if you want to join and i gladly will.