Hiya all im your local forum spammer

Just requesting some help most of you would know the website www.kodb.info im trying 2 finish off the last of there skill page images but i require your help.

Below are the skill image that are need, when taking a screenshot we need the image 2 be taken in the skill tree which is shown by hitting your (K) button ingame. ScreenShot's are taken with your (-) button on the number pad, then go to your ko folder adn the screen shot should be right down the bottom. Double click on it
go 2 save as clickok host it on www.imageshack.us and send me the link on these forums.

Thankyou in advance and below is the image's we need.

Warrior: Blooding, Hell Blade, Wall of Iron, Iron Linker, Berserker, HP Booster, Exceed Break, Shock Stun

Mage: Fire Armor, Vampiric Fire, Igzination, Ice Staff, Ice Armor, Freezing Distance, Light Staff, Lightning Armor, Blink, Minor Resist

Priest: Massive Binder, Round Insensibility, Insensibility Guard, Superioris, Counter Curse, Past Recovery, Past Restore, Superior Parasite, Discountis, Hellis, Curse Refraction, Elysian Web

Rogue: Blow Arrow, Blinding Strafe, Power Shot, Blinding, Beast Hiding, Critical Point, Concentration, Smoke Screen, Source Marking, Armor Cancellation

My msn is [email protected] if you require more information or post the hosted images below