so this is for all you who are to busy to play liek crazy over the 10 outa 12 months of the year
since i am one of those i am goin to be starting a clan for a new server opening up in the summer of 2008
i kno this is extremely early but for all u gg players who cant do good becasue of time limits u all have a spot with us
we are gonna have a extremely high memebr base but that will all work out in the end
summer is my time to conqeur :P soo im juss posting this as a head up that more clan infos sites and vent and whatnot will be posted later prbly after january.
but i also will post a clan recruitment notice now for all those who want to join me in Xig. this is allow us to bond n be well on our way in the server of summer 2008, if u dont even play on xig its ok and if ur willing to come make a acc on xig thats good too
the Xig clan will have no lvl requirement since it will only be used to get to know eachother for our conqeur over the server of summer 08 this will also be a good way to get to know ur clannies and show the clann how gg u really are
the clan recruitment will be posted for summer of 08 but wen u post also tell me if ur willing to come to Xig and use the same name in Xig as u will in the server
P.S now i kno there might be other servers commin out in this time period but we will not go to them u can go if u wish but u still have to comit to the summer 08 server i will be looking for gg members to go with me to the server of summer 08 soo have fun every one
the register forms will be out soon