Ok, so here we go again. Because of KO's inability to erase a clan's name once its been disbanded, we had to form a new clan. So, TheApocalypse is now TheApocalypseClan.

But all that aside, we are recruiting American players for a Human clan.

This is our 3rd incarnation of TA, and we have lost a few along the way, but we are still a fairly strong and tight knit organization. I'm proud to say that we have 5 people of level 62, two of which are about to hit 63. We have a few in the mid 50's range as well, and two about to break 60.

If you would like to join an American clan that is willing to help you level up with those little quests and get you moving in the right direction, drop us a line. We play on the Beramus server (usually B2, except for wars), we play almost EVERY evening from around 5-12 pm Eastern time (different people different times, not usually 7 hrs straight! :blink: )

We use Teamspeak, and if you are clan tagged you will have to get it and start using it within 2 weeks. (Headsets are NOT provided, get real! :rollseyes: ) English is the ONLY language we use.

We have a standing rule that if we tag you, you can only be in our clan, so if you have 3 characters in 3 clans, forget about it. Divided loyalties rarely last.

We don't have capes yet, but we are getting closer every day. When we finish getting everyone retagged in the clan, we should be about halfway to a grade 3 clan. But we aren't in a hurry for that, its just a part of the game to us. Leveling is very important, and will make the whole cape thing that much easier when we get there. We have no level requirement to join, as we know that sometimes good players like to move from server to server to keep things interesting.

So, if you're interested, hit up our website at www.apocalypseclan.com and go to the forum and leave us a message in the "Want to join" section. We check the forum DAILY, and will be in touch as soon as we can.

Or you can catch us in game by PMing Arkthos (ClanLeader), Samaiel, Matilda, or Melita (assts). If you are someone who wants to leech your way to 60, don't bother, we don't have time for your sorry ass. But if you are a determined team player with some skill and a desire to kick it up a notch, give us a yell. We'd be glad to talk to you.

Right now we are in the most need for priest and warriors, but all are welcome.
We hope to hear from you soon.