TheBollox is a HUMAN side new clan on Akara (knew server)

Clan Leader - MrPorco- played by MrNoob aka Liiapause from bera, El porco from bera and myself - El Porco and Rhys are quiet well know on bera.

Looking for - ALL CLASSES - wanting people with previouse game experience

Lvl req's would like clan members to be able to get to EMC so 35+ if would be good.

Would like clan members to have ventrillo and would love people to have a mic, makes pk alot easyer and xp more entertaining =3.

if you are interested leave a reply here or pm myself or catch me on xfire - jarrahfire or rhys/mrnoob if u have his xfire already. Also can reach us ingame - usually on A1 or A2.

ta =3