server: ares.
nation is karus/orc.
current grade is 3 with capes

looking for mainly lvl 50+ people...And would prefer if you are generally active and english and/or can speak and understand the english language.

do not want members who are always asking for items and money. but if you need help with quest most of us would be glad to help.

currently allied to..


so there is always people to talk to. usualy some form of exp party, or pk party.

Will not except Cheating, Duping, or 3rd party anything of that nature of any kind.

WE do not use Vent though some allied clans do.. we may use it in the future

very laid back clan we all do are own thing like to talk and have fun..remember its just a game

so just give me your...

class: warrior, mage, priest, rouge.

how many nps u got.


In game name, and ill get back to you Asap/ as soon as possible