TrusT is recruiting. we are a new clan, and some of us are IRL friends, and we are a close bunch. we are currently recruiting more english speakers, with decent gears.

1. You must be fluent in english, but english doesnt need to be your 1st language
2. You must be an ardream character, or stay 60- for more then 2 months.
3. Your gear must not be noob gear, we do not wish to pk with noob geared ppl, however, our requirements for gears arent high, pm one of the names below to ask about ur gears.
4. No scammers, or clan hoppers, and absolutely no begging for items.

If u are interested, and meet these requirements, then feel free to contact any one of the people below

W00DST0CK (they are zeros, not o's)

or pm me on these forums, tnx =)