So summer is starting for me in 2 days, and will be free most of the summer. Trying to find a full time accounting job but in the meantime will have lots of spare time on my hands.

So, looking to share an account, exp or pk doesn't really matter. I haven't been in KO for like 1.5ish years now, so anything will be exciting haha. Best choice for me would be a really godly ardream character that I can pk on >=] But anything goes haha.

I'll play any class EXCEPT rouges. I can't combo for shit on them. Preferred accounts are BP's or normal int priests and mages. Last char I shared was some godly geared warrior on Ionia.

I have loads of vouchers if needed.

Also have Vent, or I think I do, haven't used it in a while, anyhow, can always re-install it.

My time zone is GMT -8 (pacific/KO time), and I usually play really late at night, 10pm - 4am.

Thanks and lemme know!