Unthinkable is a Human Ronark Land Base ( RLB ) Clan on Edana.
We have just started and are Recruiting Members. We are only Grade 5 because there is only 2 People in the Clan atm. But in the future we should be Royal Knight by next year or earlier if People Join Just PM me Here or In-Game my name is xXScourgeXx. Just a couple or requirements and rules for clan.

Here are the Requirements and Rules for the clan:
1st. You Must be Above Level 60 to Join.
2nd. You Must be able to speak english.
3rd. You must have not use Hacks/Bug Abuse
4th. Be Friendly to clan mates/clannies
5th. Should try and help out other clannies.

These are the only requirements they will be updated later on. We are just starting off so "Cut us some Slack" Lol. Well hope to see you In-Game and Welcome to the family