idc what class they are unless it's a mage I suck donkey balls at them, I really don't care what server either I can make loads of nps, from ares, yadadadada really good at sins and warriors. if you need help getting 59 I can do it for you in a matter of days, need to have your stuff sealed, if you want to know what the purpose of an ardream sharer is it's so that your np can gain like 5k a day..I have vent, but no mic, I might share for my friend so don't get to hopeful that I will share for you. I can adjust to about any skill bar for an assassin as long as the attacks are 1-4 or 1-5. for a warrior that's not really important because there are 8 bars and you don't use but one to attack...same goes with priest. if you are interested pm me for my msn.

leave teh bumps sexies.