I'm looking for a clan on c-west for my characters.

Rogues level - 69/59/57
I'm willing to take the 69 to 70+
and the 59 to 69

I'll play any zone, just looking for a group to playw ith, playing solo when i log in has gotten tedious.
My items aren't great but aren't sub-par either
I'm rather low on np's though, so clans wanting a high donation upon entry I can't do..

I'm rolling -

Exceptional Shard 8 (103 ap)
Cleaver 9 (102 ap)

Ring Of Life+1
Ring Of Life+0
Iron Belt +0
+14/2 Dex earring
+12/1 dex Earring
Warrior Pendant +1

Rogue Chitin Pauldron +8
Rogue Chitin Helmet +3 reverse
Rogue Chitin Shell Boots +8
Rogue Chitin Boots +7
Rogue Chitin Shell Gloves +7
Rogue Chitin Gloves +7
Rogue Chitin Shell Pads +3 reverse
Rogue Chitin Pads +7

I have a mic and Ventrilo, I don't talk much but i prefer listening during pk etc
I work 5 days a week so dont expect me on 24/7, but when i am on im up for doing anything.

Reply on here if you're interested in me joining your group
or pmme if you have any questions!