First of all , for some reason i can't get back my old account , my mail is no longer registered and i can't find the password, so i had to create this account (thats why is not vouched or anything)


I'v played since Myko, i was a kid in that time, and it was my first contact with MMORPG's , the game was amazing at that time, and everything was so diferent, after some time, eventually i as a kid received the oportunity to try other games out, and puted Ko on a shelve , years after, a friend of mine while we were making a discuss about online games, i remembered KO, and searched for it, wasn't very happy when i found out that MYKO closed and i had to regist to USKO in order to play, registered on Edana and focused 90% of the time to Ardream, during that time had some troubles in RL and had to quit , gave away all the stuffs i had.

Eventually a coupe of years, i went back to Carnac West, was one of the best experiences ever, a FULL English Server! , lvled up a 59 Rogue, a 69 Rogue, 65 Priest and a 59 Warrior, geared him up by only using merchant, eventually bought premiums with the profit of re-selling , but eventually ended up banned, in that time i did not knew that i would be againts the ToS to have 2 pcs (mine and my brothers pc) merchanting, (one buying , other selling) and i got really upset that i had to quit, sold whatever i had left and hasta la vista.

Then here i am standing, not knowing how many years has been since i touched KO , I surely miss it, i have characters on the new Anatolia servers, but compared to the old times, the server looks super dead to me, and i don't stand a chance obviously vs the items that in a few mins i'v seen around

So i was thinking of making a fresh start , in some place, but starting from 0 is really a painfull thing to do, and i'm broke so i can't even purchase premium/ account, so thats why i'v decided to try my luck on this forum.... if anyone is interested

My terms are the following:

-The Account MUST have Premium.
-I don't Mind Exping if it has the highest xp boost .
-I prefer that you have your expensive items sealed.
-As you pay for the Premium and the gear, the account is 100% yours
-The Drops that the account obtains while i'm playing are mine (I think is kinda fair enough)
-It has to be in an English speaking Clan
-I don't support cheating/scamming , if there is any of those connected to the account i will stop playing it.
-I don't mind Ardream but would prefer CZ over it.

If anyone interested, i prefer talking over the steam: