we are recruiting 50+ mages and warriors.... 45+ rouges... 48+ priest
still grade 5 but workin on it, we will be doing exp hunts, pking, and castle sieage wars when we are grade 3
you must be english speaking ****ONLY**** sorry but not turks
the only rule atm is be friendly ( no fighting with leader or assistants) if this occurs it will result in
immediate disband
all assist spots have been filled so dont ask
once we are grade 3 or the members are higher lvl we will try for boss events(if you get a drop you keep it)
if you see someone who is usin koxp or any other type of cheat pls report them to me or assist we will deal with it

thats about it for right now so post here if interested
p.s. no pms pls i dont read them