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    Default :JonY: - [email protected]

    As a few of you guys know. I recently quitted playing this wonderful game and had a sellout of all my items. Didn't think this would be the last memory from this game though . Would really apprechiate help about what info I can provide Paypal with so they won't go through with the chargeback.

    Never really done a scamreport before but here are some infos about him and the chargeback.
    The guy who made the chargeback is pretty oldschool on C-West I think. Atleast I remember his nick from back in the days.
    His ingame-name is Caneche and he is nicking :JonY: on this forum.

    Many of you prolly thinks, "Wow, I have heard that nick from somewhere". And you are absolutely right. It's from the creator of "WIFI - [email protected] & [email protected]" - Thread. So I guess the scammed became the scammer -.-'...

    Some infos about the guy:

    Ingame Nick: Caneche
    Forum Nick: :JonY:
    IRL Name: Guido van Ee
    Paypal Mail: [email protected]
    He bought a Chitin Shield +7 & a Bombastic Windforce +7 from me.
    Picture of the chargeback:

    If you got any info about the guy, can provide with help or anything. Please contact me by pm here or in this topic

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    Not sure what the current mods consider to be adequate evidence nowadays but you'll need proof that links his paypal to his g4l account. A PM or an MSN log (for the log you'll also need proof that links his msn to his g4l account)

    Terribly sorry for your loss, sucks to see a vicious cycle of scamming happen.

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    Here is the proof :JonY: sent the money to NyppaN
    Posted by JonY himself in the thread about WIFI.

    Good luck getting your money back NyppaN

    If there is anything to add, please let me know.
    :JonY: is now banned, thread moved to Hall of Shame.

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    shit happens

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