I have some old stuff on bera that i'd like to convert to olympia gear

The bera gear is pretty much exclusively priest gear i'm looking for mostly warrior stuff on olympia although i'll take coin equivilants

here's what I have on Bera

x1 priest fp dd helm 25dd
x1 priest plate dd helm 25dd
x1 priest half plate dd helm 25dd
x1 priest fp spear def helm 20sp
x1 priest fp axe gaunts 25ax
x2 priest spear cap 20sp
x1 priest fabric boot spear 20sp
x1 priest fabric gloves spear 20sp
x1 priest fabric pants club 25cd
x1 round kite shield dd 32dd
x1 round kite shield swd/club/axe 32
x1 Scorpion Shield +6
x1 Lobo hammer +5
100m coins

Things i'm looking for but not necessiarly limited to on olympia

Rocs, We, blue trinas, nebiros and baal tribal crystals, nightmare crystals, coins

all trading will be done with a trade mod ONLY no exceptions.

if interested send me a pm or reply here I don't always visit every day so if I don't reply immediately it doesn't necessarily meant i'm not interested.