ORC WARRIOR : 80 lvl 15%
krovaz set +6
rappy +8
2x old roc 2x old pe 1x old wp 1x old skele belt .
full str accesory too .. 2x old DR 2x opal earrings 1x belt of str 1x amulet of str
pathos gloves till 21day this month
60knp all skill opened ohh and golden mattock till 17 day this month

ORC PRIEST: 79 10%

chitin set +7
stone splitter +7
dread shield +6
2x old SSE, 1x old EP 1x old Skele belt 2x old Imir rings
80knp 70 72 74 skill opened
74buff 60 heal 3 malice 2 master 1 skill point free

i will giwe these account with full info for
2x 59 lvl or 2x 69 lvl at any other server ! sure fully geared