Trade Diez rogue human lev 63 for a Pathos Lev 61+ orc

My rogue is lev 63 ( 65% ) all lev 60+ quest are undone ( about 100m exp). I have all info ( email, secret answer, etc...)

Included :

-Dual md+8
-4 shell +7 (dex)
-3 shell +7 (hp)
-scorpion bow +6 ( for undy)
-magic shield scroll
-and for about 100-150m of stuff in inn

Also included :

A dcz warrior lev 56 (30%) full equiped

-full set chitin +7 (str)
-full set fp+7 (hp)
-chitin helmet +7 dd15
-scorpion scythe +5
-happon rb+2
-slayer +7
-hanguk sword +3

I prefer to have a priest equip lev 61+ but i can i can accept other class. I will take caracter naked but with higher level.