h34r: Girakon:
ACC Rogue lvl 67 50%
Master Complete
Gryphon armor +200hp
Gryphon helmet +100hp

Rogue earring
Rogue earring
Priest Pendant
Chitin rogue full set +7/12 Dex
DD (rogue) +3/7 DD
DS (rogue) +4/9 DS
Magic shield scroll (rogue)
1x Scroll 2000 HP
2x scroll 1500 HP
2x scroll 300 AC
1x scroll Dex
1x Scroll Atack

Trade Char/Itens for:

Warrior lvl 70+ Olympia or other server
with itens:
Raptor +7 or Iron Impact +7
Set Shell +7
best 20m
with gryphon´s set

No need premiun

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