i have GG rouge items :P
+12 reb daggers mytrhil set +7 but no boots
rol and shit everything good for rouge gear
rol +0
rouge earing +0 and +1
wp +2
pp +2
lugias +0
shard +1
sherion +5reb
best dagger ingame +12reb
dol +1 and dol +0
31mil money
rouge fp helmet 25 dd
rouge fp boots 25 spear def
some shield +6 thats good
kekuri ring +0
1 ring i cant see name thats +2 there is dex bonus and hp and more stuff
12 lesath tail
11 shaula tail
10 fang
and more more more stuff

And some pics

add me in msn and ill show pics of those items
[email protected]