well i got an 80/69/59 mage account
80= 92k np
69= 20k np
59= i think like 3k np or something
account it orc
Krowaz set +1 rebirth, chaotic staff +1 rb, iron belt, dual imir +1, old ep, old sse dual, ss +0, and some random stuff at inn a lot of olds like a page or so.
also on account have crimson set +1 rb elixir +1 rb and 4x complete +1 rb missing gaunlets i think
has old shios/flame rings also and yeah.

Looking for a 80+ rogue/warrior on europa server with some decent gear of some sort let me know your offers
nation doesn't really matter. Will also consider a int priest with nice gear on a good day.
hit me up with some offers.