hi all i play in phatos and change to C-West... i play at 8or9 years but never come on this webpage now a friend say me i can change my items phatos to C-West if you or anyone whant to change account or items im in.
To Contact me pm or mail me [email protected]


-BatlePriest / lvl 76
Hb+7 - sealled
chittin +5rv x2 - sealled
Chittin +1rv x2
shell +1rv x1

-Warrior / lvl 68
Raptor +5rv
shell +5rv x2
shell +1rv x2
chittin +5rv x1

Dual WE +1 - sealled
Dual Roc +1 - sealled
Iron Nek +0 - sealled
Glass Belt +0 - sealled

PS: This items is for the 2 char's.