Oldschoolko is the best private server out there right now, it has population of 1400-1500 users online on peak hours, no koxp, no duping, 24/7 gm activities.
Lv62 is the cap right now, it increases with time. the server is 1 month old. OLD SCHOOL KO ... MYKO'S COMEBACK
there is no shells or any new items on the server, top weapons are raptors/shards/chitins. most of the chitin parts drop only from bosses.

Ok so i'm selling the following:

Lv61.30% Mastered warrior

Chitin boots+6/str
Chitin pads+6/str
FP helmet+6/str
FP gaunt+6/str
FP goblin pauldron

Lv62 Mastered int priest (FP build)

FP goblin pauldron
FP pads+6/hp
FP gaunt+6/hp
FP boots+6/hp
FP goblin helmet
lupus hammer+6
Kite shield+1(8 spear def) - thats the best shield u can get here untill Lv70 cap is opened.

Both chars has some left overs in their inn and some money.

you can contact me thru skype, msn, facebook.
taking only usd offers, paypal.