S>Account on Europa

Nation: Karus
Class: Priest
Level: 80 6 % --- 13x piece genie
Nps: 13k
Side chars: Rogue 69 lvl, Mage 69 lvl, priest 57 lvl.
All quests opened: LUFF/ESLANT/CZ

Krowaz Helmet +1 rev
Krowaz robe +6 no rev
Krowaz pads +6 no rev
Krowaz boots +1 rev
Krowaz gauntlets +6 no rev

Gab blessing +1 rev
Holy animor +1 rev
Scorpion shield +1 rev
Smite hammer +1 rev
Iron belt +0
Pontus pendant +1
Priest dd 25 linen helmet +6
Secret warrior gauntlets +1 rev
Premium pots 5000
Cash in bank: 5 gb

Old uniques ( 2x Old ring of life, 2x Old ring of courage, 2x Old sse, Old skeleton belt, Old warrior pendant, Old elemental pendant, 2x old imir ring)

I want trade just in pack with account for acc on anatolia or gg items..

Also selling this account 120$ usd via paypal..

If u interested add me on skype .. Name: buro.belmin