1st Girakon account:
Level 59 Warrior (77.72%) - orc (can enter arrdream) Don't know how much np it has but its not over 1500
Has trina and some junk
WAS gold prem(before i bought)
I have SEAL/UNSEAL password,
All 3 secret questions with answers.
I am the SECOND owner of this Account(Kulala very trustable sold me)

2nd Girakon account:
Level 61 Priest(77.57%)-human
Has full fp+7 and some other junk
not mastered(just need water of temple i think)
Still has atleast 1 good exp quest left.
There is no set SEAL/UNSEAL password.
I have the Email it was created with + password
All 3 secret question's with answers.

If I missed any information let me know i'll correct it.
I'm looking for Akara/Ares Item's/gb's or Account ( preferably warrior but ill look at offers)
My msn is [email protected]
Or PM me here.
I Will not accept USD, sorry but i can't verify my paypal, and i've never done WU.
Since ko4life don't support trades like this, You must go first unless you have proof of vouches(link would be nice)
If you have vouches, then i have no problem going first.
If anything missing i will edit in once i see it/someone points it out.