I have a mage geared to the hilt and a warrior as well. Here are some of the items and I have also about 600M in coins or so left.

Raptor +8 (2 of them)
Totamic Spear +8
complete +8 set (+5 reb)
Skele belt, Bronze belt
Slayer +6 reb
Hanguk +7
SOMW +7 (2 of em)
ROM +1
Flame Ring
and....soooo much more!

I will make a Word Doc and copy and paste it here shortly. I will accept real coins or GBs for Cwest for the items in Beramus. All legit and clean. Was playing there for almost 5 yrs before heading to Cwest. I am OptimusPrime in Cwest and HiroshimaBurns in Beramus
MSN is [email protected] if u like just send me an email and we can connect.