I am posting this for a friend.
T/ Logos F/Ares

I have a lot of stuff on Logos for sale. Send me a message and we can work something out for trading to Ares

1.751.000.000 coins in all

2420 knight cash

2 cleric earring+0

2 Old ruby rings +0

2 Rings of magic +0

2,6 k hp pots

3 trinas pieces

8,5 k mp pots

Agate earring +0

Blessed elemental scrolls: 4

Blessed up grade scrolls: 14

Bronze belt +1 (Says +10 lol)

Cleric earring +1

Crimson boots +6

Elixir staff +1 RB


Lobo pendant +0

Lobo pendant +2

Lobo staff +6

Mage arrow talia, full durability

Mage complete helmet +2 RB

Mage crystal boots +7

Mage crystal gloves +7

Mage crystal helmet +7

Mage crystal pauldron +7

Mage goblin crystal pads

Mana belt+1

Mythril staff +8

Priest chitin +1 RB

Priest chitin +2 RB

Priest chitin boots +1 RB

Priest chitin gauntlets+7

Priest chitin gauntlets+7

Priest chitin pads +1 RB

Priest chitin pads +2 RB

Priest FP boots+7

Priest FP boots+8

Priest FP gauntlets+7

Priest FP helmet+8

Priest FP pads+8

Priest FP pauldron+7

Priest FP pauldron+8

Ring of magic +1

Ruby ring +1

Secret silver earring +1

Sword of the dead +0

21 pieces of different high class armour (See screenshot, page 3)


Different scrolls, quest items and stuff (See screenshot, page 4)


10 pieces of different high class weapons (See screenshot, page 5)


Different scrolls and stuff (See screenshot, page 6)


Different TS and stuff (See screenshot, page 7)


Plus I have a lot of good uniques and some mage armour and stuff that are sealed but I won’t pay premium to unseal until I know I have interested buyers at all


Complete helmet +7, Complete robe +7, Complete pads +7, Complete gloves +7, Complete boots +7, Crimson DD helmet +7, Crimson spear boots +7, Lupus hammer +1, Scorpion shield +0, Elixir staff +7, Spell of fire blast, Spell of thunder blast, Spell of glacier blast, Spell of impact, Cleric earring +1, 2 Agate earrings +0, Blue dragon necklace +1, Ruby ring +1, Ring of magic +0