----Lvl 71 Orc 500k nps---

*Exceptional shard +7 no-rebirth
*Cleaver +8
*Priest pendant
*Chitin Rogue DD +7 no-rebirth
*Chitin shell helmet +7 rebirth
*Chitin shell pauldron +7 no-rebirth
*Chitin Armor Pads,Boots and Gaunts +7

Crap as....
raptor +3
lycaon pendant
Hp scroll 1500
magic shield
Tp friend scroll..

items quests

I have all info about acc 3 secret
questions-answers,Email and Code Seal and these are his items
trading all acc for IGC or Items there
Pm me In game SharP Carnac-West or my adress [email protected] :P