Hey folks, as i said im on the server for 2 weeks now, were on a small team old players but already ruling the server 8x 32 on +8/+2
U can follow me on twitch in the evenings for felankor pk or bifrost pk.

Throw a pm ingame to BelgianBeast asasin lv 83/10 currently ladder dragon leader

What we got?
Active english clann with around 25 people ready to pk
Every nationality but basic english is a must for communication.
A clann : OnlyFans (turks,americans, europeans)
B clann : Sgtill looking for clannleader here (PK FARM CLANN , farm is bifrost krowaz and utc)
C clann : for beginners or returners who want to give it a try

We do have a clannbank, we split every single million we earn by farm or boss events.
Its posssible to rent items if u want to test gears, ive got pretty much everything in stock at +7
So again, hit me up with a DM

Cya guys