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Character Seal Scroll Question

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    Default Character Seal Scroll Question

    Hey Guys

    I want to seal my character into a CSS or Cypher Ring but the problem is that I do not have premium and my personal weapon is Sealed. So if I delete or take out all my items out of the inventory except Personal (which is sealed), will my character get into the cypher ring successfully including the personal I have ?

    please help me.

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    Ye, u dont need premium to use a character seal scroll and u dont have to worry about ur personal even if its sealed, the only thing that matters is having only 1 item in ur inventory + 2 magic bags and character (sealed or not it has no effect on the sealing process).

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    I never understood why they allow magic bags to be CR'd. What good is it if you cant place items in them?

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    Euhm.. you need to get on a char you dont want to be sealed and have the item you wanna seal with the character at the right bottom of your inventory.

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