This is great info, just stats and very little "opinion." It's great to see that you can be totally objective with the results, so many people just have one idea in their head and try to make all the info fit around that idea instead of just looking at the results themselves.

I would like to see a bigger test. One with a lvl 83 warrior, BP and Sin over 200-300 hits each with each leet weapon:

then all the new weapons

It could be like an on going database of testing where the results could be added to and changed depending on the accessories, gear, weapon, etc. It would be very interesting to look at.[/b]
comparing warrior weapons to one another is not really intersting since cs and gab both have the same def for each weapon. however comparing different skills will be interesting, i believe genrally the lower lvl skills will do relatively more dmg than the higher lvl ones. note: relatively is key word here.