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Question Regarding Gear/Cwest Ardream

This is a discussion on Question Regarding Gear/Cwest Ardream within the Game Questions & Tips forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; My 2 roommates and I are planning on making ardreamers for CWest for when CZ on our main server is ...
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    Default Question Regarding Gear/Cwest Ardream

    My 2 roommates and I are planning on making ardreamers for CWest for when CZ on our main server is empty or boring. We have pretty much nothing for items or coins on CWest at the moment.

    So, my question is; With a budget of 23GB, can you gear an INT duffer, BP buffer and a sin well enough to have fun?

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    Damn, that's a skimpy budget.
    It maybe be possible with like FP+7 on priest.
    Not using old rol's or anything. Nor old Skeleton.
    You would have to use, old bronze earings, old kekuri belt, or old lights belt.
    I don't think you can do it.

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    23gb's to gear all three chars?

    then no, you won't have a chance of surviving in dcz with that budget.

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    maybe if all 3 of you were INT healers and stayed in the same party lol

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    lol nah mino 3 noob int healers = dead party xD. parties with to many priest die easy.

    but.. on a budget of 20gb per char you can do prety well.. so 60gb total.

    6 old rols - 24gb
    3 skelly belts - 3gb
    2 old eme - 40m
    2 old we - 30m
    2 old sse - 40m
    2x old wp - 1gb
    1 old ep - 40m
    priest chit7 set - 1.5gb
    rogue chit5 set - 1.5gb
    priest fabric8 set - 1.25gb
    dual shard7 - 3.6gb
    ds7 - 5gb
    lobo hammer +3 - 2gb
    ii +7 - 75m

    thats adds up to about 45gb and will give you all basic gear. if you get 60gb's that will leave you with 15 gb to upgrade some of your items. use that 15 gb to get things such as...

    shard +3 rev - rogue
    preist chitin dd helm +6/7 - int priest
    ds+7 - bp


    chd7 - rogue
    lobo hammer +6/7 - int priest
    II+8/HB+7 - bp

    also... your not going to want to have the bp as the buffer..the bp should be the duffer...preferably torment (easier to get in parties :P). and the int priest should be the buffer. also with extra money focus on rogues ap as he will be getting 8% of the kills..not the bp.


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