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Rogue to Warrior

This is a discussion on Rogue to Warrior within the Game Questions & Tips forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Well, recently a lot of people have been telling me you should quit rogue the class doesn't suit you. You ...
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    Default Rogue to Warrior

    Well, recently a lot of people have been telling me you should quit rogue the class doesn't suit you. You would be better off as a warrior. I share the rogue with my brother so he wanted to know as well, if we should make the change because we already have like a level 50 Warrior and we would just have to get gear for it? But as we don't know much about the warrior class could we get some tips and what items we should use for exping to RLB or maybe CZ which eve is better for us n Carnac-West.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    well rouges alot more fun but alot harder then a warrior. Warrriors more tanky only has 1 real skill besudes the occasional legcut and scream and is very needy (must have a priest with them at all times). But in terms of gear it really depends on what server your on, Id recommend the following starting gear:

    Ears - 1 PE 1 WE
    Neck - IN For pk, (has str and hp) aostr
    Belt - SOS (string)
    Rings - ROC or DR
    Armor- chitin/ shell (whatever u can afford) when you hit 75 krowaz

    Weapon - Personal pref of the following HB, II, Rapt, (Cursed weapons when you reach the lvl)
    Avedon (Glave if you cant afford the latter)

    hope this helps


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    well if your not gonna play dcz than go minos or PE and if you want the strength get OE
    Neck IN or AOS
    Belt String
    Rings Roc or HV DR(For STR ONLY)
    Armor Krowaz a must for cz
    weapons Baal and Wiri are all good if you get rappy+9 or II+9 or HB+5rv or higher is also pretty good
    Depending on how much money your willing to spend on these items if you will spend alot then just go full +3s and cursed weapons +8 chaos
    basically if you pk on a warrior you MUST follow duffs combo is up to you usually just using one skill then rrr or something all up to your own preference most people like their main skill on 3 cause its easier to combo

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