BlaBla Knight Online

BlaBla Knight Online is back and now better then ever, all bugs are fixed,
server is waiting for you to play it !

BBKO is a PK server with a new zones such as Bi-frost, Felankor Lair, Dark Land and Krowaz.
New armors and weapons are dropped in Krowaz, you can get them by killing different monsters in the zone.
You can get high class weapons in moradon shops.

There are 2 Monuments in colony zone town they both give nps (One at the orc side and the other at the human side).
[Quest] Felankor instead of Caitharos, you need to kill [Quest] Felankor to get the key to be become Knights.

Working Anti Cheat !
Active GM and Admins.

Drop List :
Bifrost -

Ego - Avedon
Glutton - Sherion
Wrath - Lugias
Sloth - Holy Animor
Lust - Elysium
Envy - Hell Blood
Greed - Garp

Krowaz -
Cuff Binder - Gryphon Armor
Krowaz - Gryphon Armor
Knight Of Betrayal - Gryphon Armor
Giga Hammer - Gryphon Armor
Minotaur - Gryphon Armor
Lillime - BlaBla Shield
Bone Dragon - BlaBla Staff
Deva Bird - BlaBla Mace
Cockatrice - BlaBla Dagger and BlaBla Bow
Lich King - BlaBla Spear and Sword

BlaBla God - All Uniques +1, All Weapons, All Armors.
Felankor - All Uniques +1
Ultima - All Uniques +1

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Registeration is up at the moment so you can register through the KOPanel