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Knight Online Returns

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    Default Knight Online Returns

    Hi all,

    I would like to introduce my second server of Knight Online, 'Knight Online Returns International'- [KORI] the server is base on 1309 MYKO farm server.

    In this server you will have almost 99% MYKO server, including items, skills, drop, drop rate, upgrade rate, EXP Rate (base on ROFD original rate which higher then original MYKO rate) and many more.

    We are using MYKO late client "1309" with most bug fixed including party bug and with use SOACS latest anti-cheat system.

    Our goal is to bring back MYKO fans and all other KO players in this version, this version was the one make KO well-known all over the world (malaysia,usa,china,taiwan,indonesia)

    For PUS and Donate items, we only have scrolls, trina, pots,etc (no weapons/armors/accesories)

    I saw many other so called "MYKO server" but they even up for couple months only, that really makes player very dissapointed specially for "farm server".

    In this server you have nothing to worry about it, we have one of the biggest KO community in our facebook's Group from our first server, more than 1000 members Knight Online Return | Facebook

    Our first server (local server) already been running for more then 1,5 years and we NEVER WIPE or DELETE player's account and item.

    Ok now is what you need to know about our server :

    1. Ardream zone is available for level 30-59
    2. Colony zone is availabe for level 45+
    3. Max. Level is 83 (you only gain stats and skill point from lvl 71 - 83, no new skills)
    4. Trade function only can be used once perlogin.
    5. Auto Register
    6. Only 2 GM (1 Human GM and 1 Karus GM) both GM are owners

    For you guys that never play on official MYKO, you can google MYKO guides for monster drop, char build, upgrade item, etc because we are the same

    - No more selfmade item
    - No more selfmade skills
    - No more selfmade quest
    - No more selfmade monsters

    We are confident this server will bring back all MYKO fans and all players that has been dissapointed with K2Network or other MYKO private servers, server will be start and up at this weekend 30 October 2010.

    Knight Online Returns

    Credits : osmanx [For almost everything ]

    To download our client :

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    Facebook Group:

    Welcome to Facebook

    Some Screenshot:

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    No panel no forums? Who put you in charge of posting the advertisement?
    server will be start and up at this weekend 30 October 2010.
    It released 4-5 days ago?

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    we still doing translation, adding feature to the panel, currently we redirect to our first server website. No we do not use forum , we use facebook group as forum.

    Yes, the server was up on 30 october and we are in beta stage and would like to have some players to play so we are ensure everything is ok.

    No accounts will be deleted when we are officially open.

    I registered at this forum at 28th october and just got approved today, i have the ads promoted on other forum at 28th october.

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    i like that idea its cool
    free bump

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    greeting from malaysia

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    i think its not a myko server because myko is lvl 70 not lvl 83 a real myko would only be lvl 70

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    what's the point of having a private server when its worse then the public servers nobody stays very long you never get very many people a long time period if you do. its defeats the meaning of an mmorpg. not very massive when you got 20 people online lol. easier to hack for people

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    yup imo now only NDKO its good choice, its a future in privates servers!


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