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[Medieval Empire] 70 level limited, light-farm server.

This is a discussion on [Medieval Empire] 70 level limited, light-farm server. within the Private Servers forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally Posted by Aristona It only applies to KI 3. KI 1 was dead because we had no knowledge. KI ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aristona View Post
    It only applies to KI 3. KI 1 was dead because we had no knowledge. KI 2 in my eyes is one of the most successful farm servers which lasted 7-8 months.

    I can count like only 2-3 servers who lived that long as a farm server.

    For sure we had mistakes on management, but I can assure I did whatever I can

    No offense to you or OldschoolKO but I believe the main reason why OldschoolKO succeeded:

    1. Everybody was suffering from the TB_USER/USERDATA deletion exploit.
    2. Project: KE got forced to be closed, had to merge with NDKO, most of the players switched to OSKO.
    3. NDKO took so much time to launch.
    4. There was almost no other servers around.

    For sure Professor and his staff is experienced too, but they had a great timing on releasing their server.

    I never ignored your ideas but most of the community didn't like them. (e.g making server 62 limited first, then releasing 65)

    I was the first one to fix beginner quest hack. All I had to do is search for 500.000 (hex) and change it to 0. (hacky way but it is not an important thing) There were new exploits (Nashira Opal exploit) we were also the first one to fix it. (As some people were calling it as 300200 packet duping.) We just had a very big mistake with opening our server with a wrong ebenezer file.

    Yes, I am not good at securing the game since I don't know C++. (Always postponing learning it.) Same goes for Assembly. That's the biggest problem of my servers. I use anticheat tools, problems like 64bit compatibility appears. I use basic tools, koxp appears. Sadly, I cannot trust anybody who knows these languages perfectly. We even wanted to pay 1000 usd for an Anticheat but nobody bothered to write one.

    With all my honesty, I am tired so much to make a server of my own. Even if I knew it would succeed like KI 2, I won't release it. I have to be:

    1. Fixing exploits (which appears like everyday) or beg/pay someone to do it.
    2. Defending the dedicated server against lamers who use any exploit they find on Google and use it on my servers.
    3. Defending the server against people who knows hacking and able to hack my server with their own codes, scripts.
    4. Defending the server against botnets, ddos, floods.
    4.a (I have to make loads of announcements about why the server is down and ask for players patience.)
    5. Advertising the server everyday.
    6. Supporting players in forums. Reply almost every single topic.
    7. Deal with random Turks who calls top 1 players as corrupt GM characters.
    8. Upgrading panel constantly so people may do their work there.
    9. Check the game constantly for cheaters and bug abusers.
    10. Think about events and impletement/organise them.
    11. Update the server in general (e.g adding new items, changing rates to be more newbie friendly.)
    12. Loads but loads of bug fixing. (As KI database was completely bugged. It was standart MYKO database which released in 2008)

    Well, the day should be already over by this. Rodrane helped me so much but it wasn't enough. Also I had school (where I had no connection for few months) my mother had a surgeon (had to support her two weeks) but I never gave up and used almost every free time I had on KI. Probably everybody were at outside/partying/dancing where I was sitting in front of my computer and watch computer logs...

    You can say "Things could be better.", yes, surely it could, but almost anybody except me would just give up when they get 2gbit/sec botnet, yet some servers cannot even handle Sprut attacks.

    In short, I won't bother making KO servers. I'll just help if somebody needs me. (Hence why I am with Medieval Empire) It is so tiring when you are alone...
    I did my part too honey bun. <3
    Nah even with the help he got it was all too stressful.

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    Default My Favourite Private server so far

    This server is the best I've been on so far, for my needs.

    The levelling is easy, but there is farming to do for weapons armours and uniques.

    There is only one Raptor +8 on server so far after one month+ of play.

    So no really overpowered players. It only take a few weeks to catch up with most people.

    The only problem is it needs more people.

    So anyone who reads give it a try and bring a bunch of friends/clan too.

    Things which are better than usko IMO

    - farming weapons /armours and upgrading is actually worthwhile here.
    In Usko , a +1 raptor is not worth upgrading. Farming monsters for drops is practically a waste of scrolls and you don't want to waste money on BUS.

    - Killing Bosses is worthwhile. A ROC is good here but in USKO everyone has ROC +2s bought for real money. You don't need to spend real money on items to stand a chance.

    - free scrolls for farming and pk!

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    I wanted to update the topic a bit.

    So far, the both servers we released (farm and PK) did really fine. We experienced no crashes, no bugs, no hack or attack problems for the past 2 months. The dedicated server is greater than I expected, it's been 25 days already since our last restart and it's still working like a charm. The only problem was, we had a really low population due random Turkish servers trying to make us look bad, and people in G4L community thought we would get hacked within few hours. (as you can see in the first page) Also the soacs system made some people who uses vista 64 bit couldn't login. (Too bad, there were several people who were really interested into playing, but we have found no solution for it.)

    I am sorry if the server didn't meet your expectations. I will ask admin staff about their plans and inform you.

    Oh, also we won't be using soacs anymore. Even if we do, we'll force for vista issue to be fixed first.

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    idk about anybudy else but 5 ppl on is not good for a server im thinking of dl and trying its something new to try

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    Why you dont do this like ki? farm 73lv cap max with easy 1-60..hard exp 60-69 and hardcore exp 70-73 ? I don't know why but I haven't seen any merchant on medieval....nobody sold items for cash..

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