One of the best servers of 2013 is back with a brand new server ! Last year was a great year for myKO, untill some personal problems appeared. We appoligize for the happenings of last year and promise that things will go better this time ! We are proud to announce that the myKO you have been waiting on is back and better than ever !
The server will be a PK/Medium farm server with a level cap of 75 and is fully CZ based with many new events to keep the PK active 24/7.The server is running on a dedicated server, which also has a Hardware firewall protecting us from attacks (This will help us run the server stable and smooth as possible). We hooked the server up with a Anti-Cheat system keeping most of the cheating away, and a live dupescanner keeping the server clean.
Visit our forums or facebook for more information about this stunning server.

Basic server information

  • All users will start on level 60 and mastered.
  • Level 75 Cap
  • All original skills up to 70. Couple 72 Skills added(Helis,Fire Staff etc), and for buffers(350 AC & 2500 Buff)
  • You will be starting with a Rare starter gear at +7 with beginner quest accessories.
  • There are various High Class weapons & Chitin armors which are buyable at the moradon NPC's at +5.
  • Pots are infinite so you will not have to worry about repotting.
  • Various moradon monsters will be dropping silver coins (worth 100kl) and Gold Coins(1Mil) at a low rate.
  • Scrolls are being sold at the scroll NPC in moradon for a price of 50 Mil.
  • CZ is the main zone in our server. The leveling & farming will be done here. All estland bosses have been moved to the bowl estland has been disabled
  • Wolf types & Cardinals dropping upgrade scrolls
  • Dark mares will be Dropping high class weapons at a higher rate, and also will be dropping Silver & Gold bars
  • Bosses will drop unique's & Exceptional Weapons (Rebirth look ingame)
  • Slots with Bi-Frost monsters in CZ dropping fragments
  • Dead skeletons(Only killable with R) in CZ for farming shells & Dragon shells(Same stats as chitin shell, but extra resist bonus)
  • Player looking NPC's in CZ dropping Old unique items
  • /Town hp limit changed from %50 to %80
  • CTRL is disabled
  • Hera scrolls are working
  • Gifts for staying inside the bowl

Quest & Extra information

- CZ Quest NPC
This npc is a manner based quest NPC. Contains 2 new Weapon Quests !
The level 70 weapon of <selfname> quest. -Exchange 250 manner points for a level 70 Weapon !
The level 75 weapon of <selfname> quest - Gather some master items in exchange for a level 75 Krowaz of <selfname> weapon !
and various other manner exchanges

Picture 1

- Premium & KC Exchange NPC
Exchanges your premium & KC vouchers while you are ingame !

Picture 1

- Summoning Stone of Chaos
Destroying the monument will release 8 strong bosses dropping unique items

Picture 1

- Ronark Monument
The user destroying this monument will recieve a blue treasure chest. The nation destroying it will earn 15+ NP for their kills !

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- King system based on monthly loyalty
The users earning the most national points at the end of the month will be and remain king for a month

Event Information

- BDW Event
USKO Style BDW event. Register for the event trough the chat window by writing BDW. The winner gets rewarded with national points and a Red Treasure chest.
The Red Treasure chest drop various high class items and Krowaz Armors(Shell like armors with a higher defence) and various unique weapons.

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- Juraid Mountain Event
USKO Style Juraid Mountain, you have to kill all monsters in a room before you are able to move to the second room. The monsters here are dropping different kind of gem's which are exchangeable for Unique weapons & accessoires.

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Picture 2
Picture 3

- Lunar War
The old school lunar war where nations battle each other !

- Oreads War
A war which is held on the new Oreads map !

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- Ardream War
A new kind of war which is held on the known Ardream map. The Ardream map contains many bosses! Also there are alot of new monsters in this map which are dropping defense armors(DD,SD,CD)

- Forbidden Castle
A renamed Unter the Castle event. There is a monument infront of the home base of each nation in the CZ. This is a timed monument and can only be destroyed when it's time for the event. The nation destroying the monument first can enter the Forbidden Castle map. The monsters here drop chests of hell, which can be exchanged for differend UTC Weapons(These weapons have been lowered in attack to keep the game balanced) The bosses on the MAP drop various unique items & UTC Weapons

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Picture 5

- Capture the CZ
This is a timed event. When this event start a "Ronark Artifact" is spawned in the BOWL. Destroying the artifact will reward users with National Points. The first Nation to get a count of 5 will win the event and the users of that nation which are in the CZ will get a reward !

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- CZ Invasion
Every day at a random time the CZ gets invaded by a npc named [Invader}. This npc will spawn at a random spot in the CZ, the user killing the NPC will get rewarded.

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