-server set up by friends and experts in the field of bug fixes. server that opened about a month ago and has good graphics, new models and all known bugs are completely resolved.
Community for that reason I invite you to test the server AmazingKo. We are a small number of players and we also want to be with us to help us test the server as well see what else we need to welcome you.

My Characther Name : LadySin




-New Pk/Farm Server (Server english/Spanish).

-lvl 1-83 (Exp Fast, Only Kill Worns in Moradon).
-Jewelrys Max +3.
-Armors/Weapons Max+10 ( In rebirth the Waepons and Armors get More AC AND AP)
-Auto Master (up a lvl60,GO Re-login).
-Server have in Moradon a NPC. Name NPC: Beginers items.
-System Unique rebirth(Exchange).

*Armors Chitins/Shells - Priest,Warrior,Rogue,Mage.
*Armor Divine,Dragon flight,Trial,Ron'set- Armor Quest NPC In Moradon
*Armors Krowazt - Mode Quest (purchasable farming the ingredients in Cz and eSlant).(go forum)
*Armors Bahamut - Mode Farm,(purchasable farming in Dark Land
*Armors Gryphoms - Mode Farm, (purchasable farming in Krowaz Zone)
*Armors Valkyries - Mode Farm,( purchasable farming in Castle Knight
*Armors Amazing,Ultimate Set-(Donate Set)
*Angel,Fear Weapons- (Donate Weapons)

*Wapons Undefeatables:
-Staff:Faun Futibol and Molok
-Nebiros and Leonard
-All undefeatable can be Reverse. Reverse Mode Quest.

*Weapons Unique reverse(Exchange).
Weapons Darkness. all weapoms - purchasable Farming in Moradon(Boss Demoliton,Spair,Fear,Terror) located in all Map.

-Weapons Chaos. all Weapoms -purchasable in Krowaz Zone.(go forum)
-Zones work 100%, Example -Castle knight, krowaz,Dark Land, Bi-Frost.
-Zone Krowaz - Pk/farm (Human and Orcs may be killed ).
-Monument Cz
-Chaotic Generador work 100%, Gem/Fragmentos.
-the server has a nice motivational music
-Amazing Pets - Located in Castle Knight, farm rings +3(roc.rol.rom) (More info go forum)
-Nice Boss events

*Security System:
-Server have 1 Hack-Log cheked for the Admin every days (Detected Trades, merchants, TBL,R bug).
-1 Anticheat(Ban Automatic).

Come Play With Us:

PANEL: AmazingKO Home
FORUM: AmazingKO
Drop List: Error
Quest Armor : Error
Krowaz Weapons And Armor Quest : Error

Bi-Frost: ZONe FARM,FRAGMENTS AND KILL THE 4 BOSS, Ililme,Lich king,Cocatriz,Minotaur.

*Some Pics By Danny: