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New server upcoming!!!

This is a discussion on New server upcoming!!! within the Private Servers forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally Posted by TheRealCandyman lol huh? whats with yall and talking about attacks, i wasnt talking about a failing server ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealCandyman View Post
    lol huh? whats with yall and talking about attacks, i wasnt talking about a failing server cause it goes down from attacks, i was talking about just being a fail cause itll die wit a low population lol, i havnt played ko in over a year, who said im acting conceited at all lol, im just saving the guy from launching another server when theres like 50 out and will all eventually die in like a week or so.. just saving him and everyone else the trouble, and vincents what is this like ur 8th server ur launching already? lol, and i take it ur servers didnt all go down from attacks or w/e right? meaning there was another reason as to why they failed, so stop jumpin to conclusions assuming that im talking about attacks when ive yet to even mention a single thing about his server getting attacked, and i gotnothing against ur server, ive heard theyre pretty good just lack population, but when u come and start shit with me expect me to talk shit back.

    and i was just stating that with a server like ko-tastic up(if it does stay up havnt checked status yet) there shouldnt be other servers goin up since theyll just fail, but if the big servers die such as ko-tastic, we'll be launching a server most likely in the near future

    Only 2, currently working on SecretKO. Where did you get 8 servers from?

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