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Private server area rules (updated 2017)

This is a discussion on Private server area rules (updated 2017) within the Private Servers forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; These rules were discussed internally and approved by most of the leftover mod staff. 1. All threads opened will have ...
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    Default Private server area rules (updated 2017)

    These rules were discussed internally and approved by most of the leftover mod staff.

    1. All threads opened will have to be approved by a moderator before they become available to the public, no exceptions.
    2. KO4LIFE staff don't take any responsibility for any scams or damage to your pc, product of installing these. We'll try our best filtering out suspicious ones however.
    3. Advertising another server in the wrong topic, outside the PS area, or purposefully mentioning other server options in another server's topic is not tolerated and will be dealt with case by case.
    4. If a server/service is known to be bad, contact a member of staff to remove the links to the server (provided you have proof). If a server continues to be denied access by the staff, then odds are that said server was already reported in the past, and will continue to be blacklisted in this website.
    5. Private Server Marketplace does not have the same security measures as the regular marketplace. Please be careful of who you're dealing with.
    6. All threads opened are to be written in ENGLISH, otherwise don't even expect to be approved.
    7. Flaming and bashing a server is not explicitly forbidden as long as it's warranted, but in case it turns excessive and the owner rightfully complains, it will be dealt with.
    8. Stealing artwork, databases, panels and such will get your thread deleted and your server blacklisted.
    9. Be wary of posting the server 'for a friend' or just for hype purposes. If the server backfires terribly (along the lines of stealing user's CC information / installing keyloggers) the blame could be shifted entirely to the topic opener.
    10. Do not open multiple server threads because 'they are not showing up'. Read rule #1. The more threads you open, the least likely it will ever become visible.
    11. If you want to increase the chances of your topic getting approved, make sure to include basic info like version, level cap, Best-in-slot items, events, etc.
    12. Writing a PM to a moderator asking why your server thread has not been approved while blatantly violating one or more of these rules will get you ignored. Insist and you'll be banned.
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