From the leader of SuicidalDucks
As some of you may or may not have heard, its just come to my attention that the former clan member Ben (sexykanka and mrwanksta) has been banned for scamming. I'de like to clear some of this up. First off, before any of this took place he had quit my clan because of an argument with another clan member. After him having quit the clan is when these incidents took place. Suicidal Ducks name should not be associated with these acts. Had i known this were even in his mind as a posibility he would have not been added in the first place. To my members, if anyone is saying that OUR clan is a scammer clan, please correct them to this page. For anyone outside of this clan, be reensured that this clan is and has always been free of scamming ass douches. If anyone in my clan does any of the such, know that swift expulsion will be the punishment.Thank you.
If you have any question regarding the topic feel free to PM Trifonic on SexyKo Forums