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United PVP - Chaos Expansion! [Coming Soon]

This is a discussion on United PVP - Chaos Expansion! [Coming Soon] within the Private Servers forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; United PVP is a free 2 play mmorpg knight online private server, it does not have a registered company yet ...
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    Default United PVP - Chaos Expansion! [Coming Soon]

    United PVP is a free 2 play mmorpg knight online private server, it does not have a registered company yet but we plan to register it as soon as our economic plans are realised!
    Currently we have 3 sectors that we are working on, Server Developement,Server Administration & Server Publishment!

    Our host is located in United States and has good specifications to provide service for every country/continent worlwide. We've been playing USKO in the past, and we can see the positive and negative things that should or should not be implented in our server. The vision for the server is to create a good brand, good game and a good bussines for us. We are very confident that we are going to reach that, sadly it might take longer time to start and begin our server officialy! We have 3 people working on the project, one with a job, one student and one currently un-employed.

    United PVP
    is a full pk server, based on automated events,custom farm spots,decent power up storeand most up to date server files/security. Our process has 5 different steps, currently we are on step 1 : Making a good first impression!The server is developed for older players, that doesn't have a lot of time to farm/exp, for the players that played knight online in the pastand looking to resurrect the PVP that was on going on the most glorious days of knight online

    First server informations,features & gameplay!

    • Border Defence War
    • Juraid Mountain
    • Forgotten Temple
    • Castle Siege War
    • Lunar War
    • Death Match
    • Last Man Standing
    • 1v1 Event System
    • Chaos Stone
    • Hera Scroll
    • Wings of PK
    • Krowaz Land
    • Boss War
    • Question Event
    • Catch The Flag event
    • Pathos Glove
    • Gold,Silver,Bronze Premiums
    • Valykrie Armors
    • Undefetable Weapons
    • Hell Scream Armors
    • Bifrost Items
    • Premium Zone
    • Blue,Green,Red Chests
    • Felankor Lair
    • Kingdom Elections
    • Nation Transfer,Name Change via Panel.
    • PK Gems/Stones
    • Instant Level up
    • Decent Starter Gear
    • +10 and +1 Upgrades.
    • Level 70 Quest items
    • Level 83 New Skills

    We are going to give full informations regarding United PVP in short time, BETA Version will be released in middle of September! We are going to finish 1 - 5 steps before that, and hopefully the next informations/update will be ready soon!
    If you have any suggestions regarding the project, feel free to PM me or make a reply under the topic!

    United PVP Staff!

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