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Anubis - Recruiting for Westernko

This is a discussion on Anubis - Recruiting for Westernko within the Private Server Recruitment forums, part of the Private Servers category; Our forum link : U can get registered on our forum If you want to join us! Hey folk! ...
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    Default Anubis - Recruiting for Westernko

    Our forum link :

    U can get registered on our forum If you want to join us!

    Hey folk! As some of you may know (ofc if u played in westernko) we started the clan in Xydonis and remade it to LegendsNeverDie after the time we got to top 2 ranking.

    You can check our clan history below :

    We are now organizing with old players to start a clan again, we kinda looking for some more players so if you want to apply just contact us.

    And btw If you took part in it with me before and If you want to begin this adventure with my team , u can always have a chance to get in.So just contact me.

    Leader : Crixus
    Assistant : RobbStark ( RobbStark went to army so he will not be with us! anybody who thinks can get his place , feel free to contact me. I'll see..)
    Assistant: ButterHead
    Members : Currently like 4 old players and 2 turkish friend.. We talking with some other small clans to recruit them together though.

    And also I wanted to share my video to you.Enjoy!

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    I am with you my Turkish brother . With some more cool dudes . If we wont fit it will be pleasure for me to beat ur asses guys

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    I'm very glad to have u in my team as u're such a great warrior Welcome dude

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