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[YourKO] UnDeStRuCtAbLeZzZzZ

This is a discussion on [YourKO] UnDeStRuCtAbLeZzZzZ within the Private Server Recruitment forums, part of the Private Servers category; Originally Posted by doubletop joined discord via the link and got kicked out after introducing myself no ones had the ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by doubletop View Post
    joined discord via the link and got kicked out after introducing myself no ones had the courtesy to tell me why i was kicked out of discord on launch night? dont post a link if you dont want strangers in the discord
    i didnt expect to get an interview to join a clan in game and not get a definite answer .your 3rd basic rule = dont waste ppl time. 5th basic rule =be mature and act like adults im after a clan not a job .when im in a conversation with someone in game i would like a reply asap good news or bad a reply would be nice respect is a 2 way thing .
    Hi, sorry about the rough experience but consider it an extension of rule #3. We're all around late 20s to early 30s. You would simply not fit in for the kind of atmosphere this clan has, the kick was rude, yes, but think about this: the outcome would've ultimately been the same whether you joined or not.

    So yes, we're saving time for both parties.

    As for the interview part, this is nothing compared to back in the day. Rules might be very lax nowadays but that doesn't mean that anyone can join, despite the obvious shortage of english players. This is not a community clan, you are NOT entitled to join (this goes to all the other people who might've gotten offended at them being denied entry).

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    Yeah man I here ya, stumbled into their discord by mistake and was accused of not be from USA, i even gave them city state too. personally i think they are assholes, existing on a antiquated dead server. not friendly and act like children of 10 years.

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    Razor check your pm , thank you

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    hey i had the same rough experience with UnDeSt' disc server after being in clan at the last yourko launch (sep 23) while logging into their discord server few days ago..

    regarding your saying (Razor) "This is not a community clan".
    ofc its up to your decisions as clan, but considering our unique, small and rare community of English players that still love this game and play old private botique versions of it,
    i think it would be right allowing entering the discord server (as a community platform like other english clans from other servers) and only allowing clan members (using discord's roles configuration) to discuss and talk on which channels you like.

    again, up to you, its just a friendly recommendation

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