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    fatty <3 <3

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    throwing spears for rogues? mean something like this? ^^

    King of Knight - throwing spear

    Who knows maybe rogue subclass "spearman" was one of the ideas with its own skills...

    anyway theres a bazillion items in game that were never implemented, there are arrows, iron arrows, explosive arrows, white rice cakes that adds a bit def, hp, swifts you etc. etc.

    some are idiotic and thank god they never implemented them, some would actually be neat and would spice up pk a bit

    go thru KoK it can all be found there (who knows, maybe even KoK doesnt show complete database for all i know)

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrepiN View Post
    cmon.. are we starting to hunt people down now to get them banned because we dont like them?

    it was the racista remark he said. its was pretty fucked up

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