Yes i know most stuff is open source, like patches, files, database's etc, but im willing to sell my services to build a private server for someone as people are well some what lazy.

I am not selling the actual files, i am selling my time in building a server for you, the only version i currently work with is 1298.

if your interested throw me a pm and we can talk.


disclaimer: I will not manage your server, that is for you to do, unless other agreements are made, your forums, will not be done by me, i will provide the server files, database and client for your server and edit them accordingly. This is also not a topic for people who are looking for a fight, any post saying "your not a developer just a leecher" will be ignored, i edit Knight Online database's, files and clients to do something some people can't do. I DO NOT provide files related to anti-cheat's, i can point you in the direction of some tho.