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Which 2 builds are better for ardream?

This is a discussion on Which 2 builds are better for ardream? within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; I would go for build 1, because rols are just a must on a rouge and you got them now ...
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    I would go for build 1, because rols are just a must on a rouge and you got them now so you can built on your belt
    you can also sell 1x md +8 and buy a exp shard +7 and with the money you have left get a elf belt.

    also try to get 1x silver earing

    and boots + gauntlets +8 fp because you have rols and a elf belt? so the def you lose will not be that much because you have an elf belt + 2x rol =130def, and with fp +8 boots and gauntlets you will get the ap you lost from selling 1x md +8 and try to get a wp +1/pp+1 after that

    atleast that is how I would do it,

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    The build that fits you would depend only on your playstyle and only that.

    If you are that kind of sin that goes always with the group, gangbangin everyone as soon as you see them and trying the final blow, then go for the 2nd build, thus the AP whore rogue build.

    If you are more of the Sin that doesn't mind going with the group but can solo, able to fight alone with 2,3 guys at the same time, being able to survive a long vs and being ready to play support with your party, then go for the build #1 which is, in my opinion, the better build for the regular won't depend on KSing for getting kills, but your own skill...besides, if you are a good sin, you don't need to be an AP whore to get a simple ks -_-

    I'd go for build 1, simply gives much more mana, which will always be useful whether Ardream or CZ.

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    i would go with build #1 . ^_^

    nd things like pp / kek u can easily buy later on or farm

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    i'd go build number one.

    PP +1, is not dat hard to farm

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    70% of dcz players = assasins

    They are runing with duffers and they gang bang you all the time. You may easily kill 1 or 2 of them but you must have the ability to run fast with them on your back from duffer, cure yourself and kill them then. With small AC you will die from 3-4 spikes/sec. Other important thing is elemental resistance. Since a goodgun mage can stun/slow you and if he has good enough combo you want stand a chance with low ele res.

    I would go for build 1 or:

    Build 3
    Dual md +8/80
    dual quest rings
    Elf belt
    pp +1
    1 eme +0 and 1 quest earring
    chitin +7/12 set

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    I can say AC is important, i had like 950 AC on my dcz rog (c west):
    pp +1
    dual re
    chitins +7/fps+8

    And it was hard to kill me for 3 guys ( some noobs but nvm )
    Anyway ill take second build.

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